About Us

Catch & Match Enterprise Corp., was established in 1990. Before it was established, the owner spent his 3 whole days in order to take an unforgettable name for his company. As matter of fact, the words "Catch" & "Match" respectively contains its meaning as described below.
"Catch" is to encourage every company staff to be aggressive to find the right customers. "Match" is to remind every company staff to be wholehearted to deal with all existing customers.
Surely, we will continue to develop more quality products to meet the market demands.
Main Products/Service:
Pressure Pots (Pressure Tanks) , Paint Equipment ,  Agitators , Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps , Multi function- Double Diaphragm Pump / Agitator , Air Spray Gun, HVLP Turbine Spray Gun , HVLP Air Spray Gun, HP Air Spray Gun , LVLP Air Spray Gun, Reduced Pressure Spray Gun , Pressure-Feed Spray Gun , Automatic Spray Gun, Spray Guns, Paint Spray Gun, Gravity Gun, Suction Gun